Meritta Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center

Meritta Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center," established in 2018 under a protocol signed between the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and Merit Hotels, began its operations on May 10, 2018.

Meritta Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center" is a social responsibility project of the Merit Tourism Group.

About Meritta

The 'Meritta Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center,' established as a social responsibility project according to a protocol signed between the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and Merit Hotels, began its operations on May 10, 2018. The center's goal is to provide care and treatment to injured sea turtles, with the aim of returning them to their natural habitats as soon as possible. The project also aims to inform the public about the lives, feeding habits, injuries, and causes of death of sea turtles and provide support to scientific projects and centers. In addition to its efforts to improve the conditions of sea turtles and their habitats, it also works on projects for a healthier and more sustainable environment for all living beings.

About Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are one of the oldest animal groups on Earth and have been in existence for over 100 million years. They coexisted with dinosaurs and have managed to survive to the present day with very few changes. Their ancestors can be seen in many fossil records. Sea turtles are generally much larger than their land-dwelling relatives and have lost the ability to retract their heads fully into their shells. Their finger bones in their limbs have evolved into elongated, paddle-like flippers. They have streamlined and sturdy shells that serve as a rudder for swimming through the water. The leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), the largest species of sea turtle, is among the largest reptiles known, with weights that can exceed 500 kg and lengths of up to 3 meters. If they reach adulthood, they can have very long lifespans.

NET Children Meritta Publications

Our company, founded in 1982 within the Net Holding group, adopted the slogan 'The Best for Our Children' as its principle and started producing children's books in 1995. Aware of the importance and sensitivity of early childhood education, we strive to bring together the best content with the highest quality materials through our international and national team of writers and illustrators and our business partners to provide you with services.

Meritta and the Magic Stone

Meritta Dirty Sea

Our children will both have fun and gain environmental awareness in this breathtaking adventure.

Meritta and the Magic Stone

Our children will have fun and gain environmental awareness in this breathtaking adventure.

Meritta Kids Club

The Entertainment and Activities department, which began to be formed in the spring months of 2015, started with a dynamic approach. We made many arrangements, especially regarding the Mini Club, and changed some practices. We began to create a concept for a children's club that prioritized safety and hygiene but never compromised on the fun aspect. Significant changes and investments were planned in the physical structures. As a team, we initiated many research, development, and on-field implementation efforts related to activities, games, toys, and many other details. However, all of these, even if implemented in the best possible way, would not be enough. Similar examples in other places had also fallen short, and as part of this large institution, we should not settle and should continue to work with 'satisfaction.' With all the sensitivities we have mentioned so far, we focused on the child. The child touches, smells, tastes... And the child is never pushed aside. Thus far, what has been discussed is the inspiration for turning to a living being who cannot be pushed aside, who will sit and listen, touch and allow them to be around, who belongs to this island they have come to, who has memories, joys, sorrows, and friends. With the guidance of the island, we turned to the sea... the Mediterranean. The symbol of our island, just like the whole Mediterranean, is the loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta Caretta). We combined Caretta with Merit, and that's how the idea of the character MERITTA was born. Extremely energetic, always positive, and very hospitable, she is a cheerful host.

Privileged Children, Happy Families

Within a great harmony of nature, your kids will experience an unforgettable adventure with the heroes Merit Hotels. They will touch, smell, taste and explore the wonders of our island. Remember that creating characters, bringing them to life, making them talk, and keeping them alive is the saying of Walt Disney, the world's greatest, in these matters. Everything started with a mouse.


She is a sea turtle born in one of the loggerhead sea turtle nesting areas on the north coast of the island. She is more active and energetic compared to other members of her species. She is in direct communication with all living beings. She is a very fast swimmer for a sea turtle. She owes this feature to her closest friend, an islander who has known her for years and is older than her. In our story, Meritta is depicted at the age of 15-16.

Meritta Club's Goals and Missions

To expand the service age range from 4-12 years old to 4-17 years old as of 2018, and in the coming years, to extend it to the age range of 1-17 years old.

To carry out development and innovation efforts related to all applications, activities, and content.

Creating a balance of happy children + happy families = a happy organization.

Becoming a family.

Taking on responsibilities related to the underwater marine life of the island.

To teach children about the right to life of all underwater/above-water living beings.

To take on active roles in promoting the island.

Ensuring relaxed children, relaxed families, and a relaxed vacation.

Prioritizing our guests' priorities.


In it’s early 30s, Adalım is a typical seabird hunter who came to the island by chance at a very young age and grew up here. As a great explorer; Adalım flown around the continents multiple times and gained a lot of experience to become a fearless survivor. Adalım used to hunt baby sea turtles until they met with Meritta. Until then, Adalım stopped the hunt of baby sea turtles. For the rest of it’s life, various struggles and adventures await them in the name of goodness with Meritta.


She got her name from an alloy used in ancient Greece for coin plating, and she is a very cheerful female Mediterranean seal who always looks at life positively. Although her acquaintance with the other characters is quite recent, she has quickly won their affection and adapted to her new life. Her secrets from the past will gradually come to light over time.