The human resources policy consists of rules, values, and fundamental beliefs. The values are principles used to define what is right, correct, and fair. The values serve as a guide in distinguishing right from wrong and good from bad. They set the standards.



The fundamental objective in stating the Merit International Hotels & Resorts Code of Ethics in writing is to improve the holding’s culture of ethics, assist in the adoption and application of this code, provide guidance to employees on ethical behaviors, and set the standard of behavior expected of employees.

The Merit International Hotels & Resorts Code of Ethics is a set of standards that define what is right, what is wrong, what is acceptable, and what is unacceptable.

The Merit International Hotels & Resorts Code of Ethics comprise the fundamental management principles approved by the Merit International Hotels & Resorts Board of Directors that bind the relationships of the holding’s management, its employees, and third parties (customers, suppliers, and all other individuals and institutions with which the holding has relations).


These rules apply to all employees and departments of Merit International Hotels & Resorts and affiliated companies.


Managers bear the responsibility of informing all employees of Merit International Hotels & Resorts Code of Ethics and ensuring activities are conducted according to the code. Net Holding’s human resources are its most important asset and priority.

The managements and managers of the holding and its companies have a set of ethical obligations toward their employees.


- Embrace protecting the esteem and all legally defined rights of its employees as a fundamental principle.

- Create quality, safe, and healthy working conditions for their employees and ensures they are happy and productive in their work.

- Treat employees within a context of respect and value the secrecy of their private lives.

- Never inflict psychological abuse on their employees in any form.

- Do not discriminate among their employees and remain faithful to the principle of justice and fairness in every matter.

- Strive to ensure employee participation in decision-making processes and create an environment for employees to express their ideas freely.


Employees of Merit International Hotels & Resorts:

- They must follow holding and company policies and work to reach set targets.

- They must protect their institution’s name and reputability at all times.

- They do not engage in any kind of illegal attitude or behavior. They must inform holding or company management of all offers made to them with vested interests or matters they are unsure of the propriety or legality of or situations such as having relatives who could take advantage of their activities, and they may not accept gifts in any way.

- They do not exhibit attitudes or behaviors that disrupt the working environment or harm trust and productivity (aggressive behavior, threatening speech, being a nuisance, harassment, propagandizing or promoting political and/or religious views, etc.).

The preservation of Merit International Hotels & Resorts reputation:

All employees of Merit International Hotels & Resorts and its affiliated companies are obliged to avoid actions that would damage the company’s reputation.

Protection of Company Assets:

- All employees of Merit International Hotels & Resorts must preserve company assets, avoiding wastefulness and using them only for the purposes for their work.

Company Secrets / Confidentiality:

The knowledge we accumulate is among our company’s most important assets. We pay utmost attention to the principle of the protection of information with respect to all operations we carry out at the company (projects, filing/archiving, e-mail traffic, meeting remarks and minutes, desktop documents, etc.).

Individuals working for Merit International Hotels & Resorts

Individuals working for Merit International Hotels & Resorts are, with respect to the information they hold in their possession (of projects, undisclosed tender offers, business research, new product plans, strategic objectives, unpublished financial data or customer and vendor lists, customer requests and requirements, customer preferences, instructions, regulations, procedures, processes, business habits, methods and plans with information regarding any correspondence, documents and records, etc.), are beholden to the following:

- Eschewing disclosure without authorization and without a legal or professional obligation to do so.

- Eschewing use for their personal interests or for the interests of individuals outside the company.

- Providing them to other employees at the holding and affiliated companies on a need-to-know basis and to no others, and providing clear notification that the information is a company secret when doing so.

Our employees obligation to protect this information continues even if they should leave Merit International Hotels & Resorts for any reason until the information becomes known to the public or until an announcement that the information is no longer a commercial secret or private knowledge.

Relationships with Colleagues:

All employees of Merit International Hotels & Resorts and its affiliated companies must communicate and cooperate with each other within a framework of mutual trust and respect. Relationships with colleagues -whether that colleague be an employee you supervise, the manager who supervises you, or a colleague who is your peer- are relationships between equals in which each individual is firmly committed to shared objectives.

Relationships with Suppliers:

At Merit International Hotels & Resorts and affiliated companies, we aim to build our relationships with individuals and institutions supplying products, projects, and services on a foundation of long-term trust. Supplier relationships are based on honesty and equality. In choosing suppliers, we do not discriminate based on race, religion, or language in any sort of way. We do not consider personal relationships. The interests of the holding or corporation are kept at the forefront. We never accept commissions or similar payments, gifts, etc. of any kind from suppliers. We do our best to fulfill our customers and suppliers requests to meet as swiftly as possible, as work and time allows. We pay utmost attention to this issue. We always answer calls from our customers or suppliers. We listen to them, assess the issue, communicate the matter to the concerned individual or department when necessary, and follow it up. We do our best not to leave our guests waiting in doorways or hallways, and we give them the finest greetings and farewells, as per IC hospitality and culture, from the very first moment. All of the behaviors stated above are unconditionally required by our corporate culture.

Our Relationships with Customers:

Our commitment to providing the products and/or services in a timely fashion according to the standards and conditions we have promised to the customer is our most basic principle. As Merit International Hotels & Resorts and its affiliated companies, we always provide correct, clear, and complete information to our customers. We adhere to contracts, always fulfill our commitments, and strive to ensure customer satisfaction.


The policies regarding the continuity of Merit International Hotels & Resorts corporate identity and traditions are determined and monitored in practice by the Merit International Hotels & Resorts Board of Directors. It is a moral responsibility of every employee of Merit International Hotels & Resorts and its affiliated companies to intimately learn and embrace these traditions, to fulfill their requirements, and to spread these traditions to new employees who join after them.


Quality is embraced as a way of life at Merit International Hotels & Resorts and its affiliated companies. Conducting all activities in accordance with the quality systems and objectives in place and in the process of being developed is essential.


At Merit International Hotels & Resorts, it is our basic principle to conform to all laws and legal restrictions relating to our activities. It is our credo to cooperate with officials and act according to the relevant legislation and regulations for our activities domestically and internationally. We habitually consult the holding’s legal counsel on issues we believe to have a legal dimension.


Merit International Hotels & Resorts considers contributing to society in the areas of culture, arts, and education among its corporate social responsibilities.


All who accept working for Merit International Hotels & Resorts assumes the responsibility of complying with these principles of practice. Department managers must inform their employees of these principles, answer any questions the employees might have, and create an environment in which the employees can freely discuss these matters. Issues that could arise in the interpretation and application of these rules can be resolved by contacting the holding’s legal counsel and/or the holding’s human resources department.

Merit International Hotels & Resorts Code of Ethics is presented to all new employees via the orientation program, and the employee is required to sign a declaration stating understanding of the fact that these rules will be considered an integral part of the employment contract.

Merit International Hotels & Resorts Code of Ethics is to be published on the websites of the holding company and all holding affiliates..


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