The Crystal Restaurant, which serves an open buffet, is on the same floor as the lobby.

The Crystal Restaurant, offering options for a wide range of palates ranging from diet food to natural delicacies, the freshest fruits, and organic vegetables, is an unmatched location to enjoy.

Special evenings with gourmet delicacies selected from world cuisines are held on certain days of the week at Crystal Restaurant.

Hours of Service
  • Breakfast
    7:00 am.-11:00 am. daily open buffet
    11:00 am.-12:00 pm. daily open buffet late breakfast
  • Lunch
    1:00 pm.-3:00 pm. daily open buffet
  • Dinner
    7:00 pm.-10:00 pm. daily open buffet
  • 00:00 to 02:00 daily soup
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