The Meritta Club consists of 3 separate indoor spaces for kids of 0-4 years, 4-8 years, 7-12 years old. Designed and equipped taking into account the ages and development of children, our Kids’ Club is open seven days a week, between 09 a.m. and 12 a.m.

A special ventilation system provides world-class ambient temperature and ventilation in this unique space where every detail is meticulously thought over for a holiday full of good memories and where hygiene and security are made a priority in all areas. In addition, the playgrounds are designed especially for children, using hygienic, antibacterial, easy to clean, stain-proof, heat insulation products. For increased safety, all our indoor areas are under surveillance 24 hours a day using closed circuit cameras.

We also provide 24/7 special-care and Caregiving services for all children up to 18 years of age upon request by their families. This service is subject to extra charge.


Hygiene and safety are of extra importance in this section which is designed according to the level of development of our children and where they can have a good time with their families. It includes a diaper changing room, a nursing room, a feeding section, a playground and a child toilet/wash basin specially designed to suit their height.

Our children spend a very enjoyable time together with their families with both entertaining and educational toys. Our families can acquire free of charge baby strollers, car seats, pushchairs, highchairs, walkers and basic plastic bath products if they wish. Our children in this age group are not allowed in the section without the presence of their families or an adult over 18 years old.


It includes a Children's Spa, a cinema room, an activity, play, fun area and child toilet/wash basin specially designed to suit their height.

The Children's Spa is a specially designed therapy room for children. It offers mini-manicure, mini-pedicure, superstar massage and chocolate mask for children, provided by expert therapists in their field. Children enjoy themselves, relax and flourish with our therapy programs.

In the play and activity side, children find the opportunity to play freely as they please and have the opportunity to explore and learn new things through special activities prepared daily with our program. Depending on their ages and abilities, many games, competitions, sports activities, special events, parties including mini-disco, paper work, material studies, sports events and art activities and focusing on having fun and learning new things are carried out together with the children accompanied by expert staff in their fields. This section is exclusive to children, families are not allowed inside. All entries and exits are controlled.


This area has also been prepared specially considering the changes in children's literacy skills, personality development, and understanding of entertainment and playing. They can choose to play games, relax, read a book at the desks on their own or with their friends as a group, or come together to chat and return home with beautiful holiday memories. Inside, there are various board games, arcade game machines, PlayStation, X-Box, game computers and various books of different genres for different ages. Some games are subject to extra charge.

A free entry/ exit system is in place. Our children can check in and out at any time without parents.