All steps to be taken by targeting children's satisfaction should be permanent, sustainable, and developable. In short, it must live, breathe… It must belong to the place where we live. Because the child does not believe in anything.

Human beings are already in their nature, to meet, to communicate, to go, to see, to see again, to yearn, to discover, to explore ....

In children, these feelings are unlimited. Concentrate levels are also extremely limited, so they need to make obvious, big, unusual and touchable changes.

These changes should be permanent and can be improved. In short, it must live, breathe… It must belong to the place where we live. Children touches, children scents, children tastes ...

As of 2017, there are heroes of Merit Hotel whose children can touch, communicate and listen to their unique adventures from the first mouth. He will make activities for them, read his own books,paint his own adventure painting books and keep his paintings on children’s clothes ..... The project is not only long-lasting .., it is a lifetime.

It is not an inheritance, it is vestige which will pass to generations. Creating characters, putting them on the bone and flesh, making them live, keeping them alive ... it's Walt Disney. And this is what he said… “Note that everything started with a mouse.”


He is a sea turtle who was born in one of the spawning areas on the north coast of the island.

According to his other kinds he is more active, energetic and nature enthusiast very much.

He is in direct communication with all living creatures. For a sea turtle, he is a very fast swimmer.

He is owing this attribute to Adalım, who is older than him and his closest friend.

In our story, Meritta's 15-16 years old is told.


At the beginning of his 30s, he is a typical hunter sea bird. He came to the island by chance at a very young age and grew up on the island. The most important feature of the species not found in others is, that he is an explorer and has flown repeatedly between the continents.

Although this feature often put him in trouble, it has gained a great deal of experience which has allowed him to live as a strong and foolhardy sea bird.

He met Meritta while he was hunting the baby sea turtles and that day was the same day he gave up hunting the new born sea turtles.

For the rest of his life, Meritta and him together they fight in the name of goodness in many adventures.


It is a very cheerful female Mediterranean monk seal that takes its name from an alloy used in the coin coating of ancient Greece. Although she was new to other heroes and easily adapted to her new life. The secrets for her past will emerge over time.

In the spring of 2015, we started to create a very dynamic start to the Entertainment and Activities department, and we made a lot of arrangements related to the Mini Club.

Some of the applications changed. Serious changes and investments were planned in physical structures.

The activity, play, toys as well as many details of the team, as well as many research, development and immediate field are practiced all the work.

But even if all of these things were implemented in the best form, it would not have been enough, and in other instances it was not enough, and we should not have been contented as a part of this great institution, but we should continue to work gladly.

We have focused on the child, taking into account all the sensitivities we have mentioned so far.

Children touches, children scents, children tastes ...

And never put off a child ever.

All we explain until now are the inspiration of the idea who sitting up with kids, who breathes, who allowies the kids to be around and who belongs to this island that the kids came for, and who is going to share his joy, maybe sadnesses and friendship.

We have turned to the sea under the guidance of our island .., to the Mediterranean .

As in the most of the Mediterranean, our symbols are Caretta Carettas too.

We combined Caretta with Merit so that the idea was MERITTA has born.

Extremely energetic, always positive and highly hospitable, cheerful host.


Meritta Club is located in an area of 720 m2 and the total indoor area area is 300 m2. Field of activity in the garden area organic farming area, dry pool and classic children consists of a playground area.

Indoor Area

Ground Floor

  • Reception desk for children.
  • General use area of 4-9 years Sub Marine Room. (With the concept of ship wreck)
  • Concept room designed for lego construction called Lego Garage.
  • Sleep room with 5 beds (Dream Room)
  • Girls Boys toilet (4-8 years)
  • Breastfeeding and changing room. (Mother & Baby)
  • Little Carettas, where children aged 0-3 will have a good time accompanied by their families
  • Vip Consept Movie Theater
  • 5,5 m. climbing wall with 3 different difficulty levels (Adventure Room)


  • Art Studio (pottery furnace, lathe, painting on canvas, plaster, ceramic painting, marbling art, t-shirt painting, glass painting ... etc)
  • Science Center

Meritta Club Goals and Missions


  • To bring the service age range from 4-12 to 4-17 as of 2018 to 1-17 age range in 2020.
  • To make development and innovation studies related to all applications, activities and contents.
  • Happy children + happy family = happy institution set up balance.
  • To be a family.


  • Take responsibilities for the underwater life of the island sea.
  • Explain the rights to teach children underwater and above water life.
  • Adopt active roles in island promotion.
  • Comfortable children, comfortable family, provide a relaxed holiday.


We create what was already indispensable since long time.

Make children come with joy, never want to get back, between the dimensions of time make fun travels, and and create spaces where the day doesn't understand how it ends.

Integrating it into physical conditions and making it within the framework of a concept is a vital part of the hospitality and service industry.

There are now children's clubs even in restaurants in the cities. The purpose is to make everyone comfortable.

The goal is to raise the way of hospitality, to satisfy the child and ultimately the entire family.

In fact, we're late to do that.

American brands that dominate the Fast Food sector have been putting this in mind with children's menus for years.

There are also many areas such as clothing, toys and education..

The childhren has a say in the accommodation / travel sector too.

The services offered to the child are the main determinants of the family vacation destination.

Acting with this vision, we also took up arms to create a space, not a room but a facility at the same time as the process of creation of our hero. In fact, the whole project was ready at the end of 2015, but birth processes are always sensitive.

The first start of construction with development and in-depth researches found the month of January 2017, and it was good.

Meritta Club, which was opened on May 19, 2017, continues to serve with increasing satisfaction.

Serving 7/24 in this field made us first and only in our area.

We are glad to develop and grow even more

Our work will continue.

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